Innovative ideas to improve your premises

Glass is a versatile and sophisticated material, and can be used to great effect in businesses and projects of all kinds. Whether you are an accounting firm, salon, agency, conference centre, or any other business or project group we can advise you on options to vastly improve the look - and functioning of your premises or project.

In a business setting glass is generally used for office partitions or on occassion as feature walls. some popular innovative options include:
* Coated or painted glass for partitions (similiar to that used for kitchen splashbacks)
* laminated glass with different materials in between, for partitions
* floor - to - ceiling coated panels of glass for feature walls.

The coated glass used for partitions can also be used as a whiteboard.
* Laminated or Toughened glass doors and panels for conference Room areas.
* Aluminium Framed  or Frameless office doors
* Slump Glass as feature signage or panels in entry foyers.



If your aim is to keep your office looking sharp and keeping it that way, Glass is the perfect choice for many reasons :

* It's easy to install, so your office can look better sooner rather than later
* It's easy to clean and maintain and never needs repainting
* It's transparent or reflective qualities create an illusion of space in smaller premises
* It creates an aura of sophistication and professionalism.
* It divides space while maintaining an open feel to premises
* White glass can double as a whiteboard, so you save on office equipment and space.


It is undeniable that in this day and age image is all important - drab or uninspired business premises could well drive potential clients away. By using glass creatively, you can bring a contemporary, efficient feel to your place or business and get an edge over the competition. So take the first step towards a fresh look for your business, contact us today to discuss 1300 383 725


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