Glass Insurance Claims

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We offer a reliable back up service in both dealing with commercial and domestic type glass repairs and replacement insurance claims.

Everclear Glass has many years of experience in dealing with glass insurance matters, so it makes sense to talk to us about your broken glass insurance claim when we complete your job.

Our tradespeople and office staff will advise you on all the options and explain the insurance claim and complete your claim form, ensuring all relevant details have been submitted to your insurance company.

As leading insurance glaziers we deal with all major insurance companies so processing your claim will not be a problem.

Remember we will submit the claim on your behalf - all you need to pay is any excess which may apply and this varies between insurance companies, however the amount is usually clearly outlined on your policy.

Most insurers have Householder, Landlord or Strata Plan Insurance Policies that provide cover for glass that is broken by Storm, Weather, Break & Enter, Vandalism and Accidental Breakage.

Glass in windows, doors, shower screens and other fixed panels is generally covered by Property Insurance Policies.

Insurance claims for broken glass in furniture or in non-fixed items such as pictures or hanging mirrors is usually covered on either a Contents or Property & Contents Policy.

If you are not sure than ask the glass replacement experts at Everclear Glass & Glazing.


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