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Double glazing is the glazing process in which a window is formed by two panes of glass with a space between the panes. The space between the glass is usually several millimeters thick. Air is trapped between the panes of glass and forms a layer of insulation. Before the unit is sealed, a drying agent is added to ensure that no moisture is present inside the finished glass unit.

The double glazing unit must be airtight. If condensation appears between the panes, it indicates that the window is not airtight. Double glazing windows cannot be repaired; if condensation appears, the unit must be replaced .

Around 60% of heat loss in the home occurs through standard, single pane windows. Double glazing substantially stops heat loss. The cost of the double glazing will pay for itself very quickly in the money you save from heating bills. Once the double glazing has been installed, your heating costs should decrease by around 10 to 12%.

Double glazing is also very friendly to the environment. Our homes cause around 28% of all carbon dioxide emissions, and replacing single pane windows helps to reduce these emissions and combat energy loss. As well as saving on heating bills, double glazing is very good at cutting down on noise Pollution and internal condensation.

Another reason to have double glazing fitted is the security it provides to your home. The main entry point for an intruder is through windows and doors. Double glazed windows provide extra security, as they are very hard to break.

There are many options to having the best of both worlds with saving energy costs and having comfort in your own home, with the installation of double glazed units,

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