Everclear Glass & Glazing has state of the art cutting facilities and ensures the response is met.

We hold a large variety of glass types, and stock a wide range of glass and mirrors at all times.

Whether you want a small peice of glass quickly 'While-U-Wait' over the counter, or on site immediate repair.

We have professional glass cutters and glass processors to supply you with your glass needs, with experience to offer help and advice when you need it.

  •   Fast service
  •   Large quantity of glass always in stock
  •  'While-U-Wait' glass cutting service
  •   Glass processing in-shop, including polished edges and drilled holes
  •   Professional advice
  •   Glass and glazing tools at trade and D.I.Y. counter



Everclear Glass and Glazing Pty ltd
27 Walker Street South Windsor NSW 2765

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