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Everclear Glass & Glazing is a family owned business and is the leader in Glass repair and replacement Australia wide.

We operate 24 hours, 365 days a year providing services to government departments, major retail shopping centres, builders, insurance companies, strata groups, maintenance groups and the private sector.

The company's initial growth and development was focused primarily on raising the standards within the industry, and has brought a number of high calibre tradesman to our team.

Everclear Glass & Glazing enjoys a close working relationship with all its clients and is continuously exploring and adopting initiatives to reduce costs whilst maintaining a superior service. Due to this working relationship, our clients have confirmed a reduction in their overall cost in projects and ongoing maintenance.

Our large central Factory and Call centre in Sydney help to minimise material out sourcing and help manage allocations of work across the nation, with our innovative ordering system and tracking device which identifies which of our repairers are the closest to your destination to ensure that the most prompt service is guaranteed. This provides Everclear Glass & Glazing with control of availability in materials and service, which results in minimal delays to our customers.

We carry a large range of commercial and domestic aluminium and glass in our factory and a range by our fleet of vehicles, which are on 24 hour emergency standby.

Everclear Glass & Glazing guarantees all workmanship and ensures customer satisfaction is met on each occasion. Our company strictly adheres to Australian Safety Standards and is the leader in setting the standards in the industry we service.

Our mission statement helps us achieve our goals consistently within our company and with our customers.

  Excellence -  Continue to deliver the highest level of consistent quality and service in both our product and working environment.

Value - Maintain a consistent growth in our business and continuously have a value for our customers.

Research -Understand and anticipate our markets, customers and competitors and respond with innovative solutions

Customer - To ensure that outstanding service turns our customers into advocates.

Loyalty - Provide our customers with an experience that delivers excellence, meets expectations and engenders loyalty.

Responsibility - We have a responsibility to the customers with whom we do business as well as to the community in which we operate.


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